Contemporary ceramicist Anna Kime has produced a body of abstract sculpture that views objects that inspire feelings of safety or security.  On graduating in 2013, Kime was invited to exhibit her work at the British Ceramics Biennial, which showcases the best of the current crop of UK ceramics graduates.  

Since then Kime's work has taken inspiration from the natural world, in particular the tusk of the narwhal.  Kime has given PiECE a series of inspirational images and early tests pieces, depicting her working process and introducing us to the delicate nature of her ceramics.

Kime explains:

'My practice is concerned with the characteristics of everyday or found objects.  The effect of use, age and surroundings on objects interests me. Through form and texture I try to convey the sense of time passed.'



Kime is currently working on several new projects inspired by her recent move to Sheffield and the encountering of a new landscape - the Peak District.  Sheepfold and Counterweight take objects with a particular outdoor use as a starting point and considers the effects of exposure and their place in the environment.  This has resulted in new series of stunning wall and table works.