BJ Broekhuizen's drawings and paintings are being sought and hung in every kind of space, whether it be an Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian Townhouse in New York or in London as shown above, a post modern misplaced monument or modern minimalist masterpiece of white walls or grey concrete.  His mixed media 'Warriors', 'Friends' and 'Masks' transmit both their and Broekenhuizen's heart and soul to the viewer and into the space they habit.  A powerful, sexy, positive and protective aura that once you meet you can't help but embrace. 

The popularity of Broekhuizen's work is going from strength to strength with the works on paper often sold and hung in pairs or multiples.  On a recent trip to South Africa, Broekhuizen's country of birth, works from the 2017 'Portraits' series were shown at Bantry Bay on the Western Cape, and 8 pieces were acquired to be shown as a collective feature.  The 'Portraits' and 'Masks', lend themselves perfectly to statement walls bringing power, energy and life to the  large interior space. 



The inspiration behind Broekhuizen's work comes from the colours and forms in South African culture. Using colour as language, the work is alive with emotion through the movement of the brushwork and the luscious layered colours. Much like memories, each painting or drawing is filled with layer upon layer of paint, building a rich history into each piece. The inspiration and colour have two threads to their depiction, the abundant richness and vibrancy of nature and craft and the colours depicted in natural elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The works featuring the Earth tonal pallet have been a popular series of Broekhuizen's work, with these pieces below with their rich natural tones finding new homes.  One of the pieces, ‘Fatima’ oil on canvas, has been newly added to the collection of works owned by leading fashion photographer Mario Vivanco.  The painting will be getting a copper frame which will add that extra magic touch and will beautifully set off the 'Cobolt Blue' hair in the piece.  

Broekhuizen's work is increasingly resonating with other artists and designers, he also completed a recent commission for Italian jewellery designer Antonio Cannizzo and he previously completed a collaborative series of works on silk for Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck, for his "ZWART" Fall 2017 collection, which was sold at Dover Street Market, London.



Although Broekhuizen is becoming renown for large statement pieces like the piece above with the two tonal dancing figures entitled 'Dancing Satyr', he also produces many small series of drawings, paintings and collages.  Above you will see a series of nine portraits, which beautifully adorn this classic regency inspired interior, these maquette's we're sketch's of friends that captured the unique personal connection in Broekhuizen's signature organic and spontaneous way.

Broekhuizen's work has been shown and sold internationally and in 2017 he had four paintings from the series 'Line and Form' on display and for sale in at Dècor Concepts in Miami, Florida.  The exhibit was a huge success with Broekhuizen going on to sell all the works from the series and picking up numerous commissions from US clients. 



Although the core of his work depicts a close relation to his South African heritage, the nature of his spontaneous application to his work has lead Broekenhuizen to experiment with his subjected matter through a series of 'Skulls', 'Abstracts' and with a homage to 'Analytic Cubism'.  Each diversion injects another thread of Broekhuizen's personality, whether it be he's humour, his admiration for street art or his fascination with the evolving depiction of faces and masks through art history. 

The works produced sometimes spark a series created in quick succession in an almost spontaneous hypnotic production, exploring the boundaries of the theme.  The constant is the energy and the colour that emanates from Broekhuizen work, which has made him one of our most sought after artists.    



Undeniably it's Broekhuizen's core subject matter and signature of 'Masks' that has cemented his appeal. Broekenhuizen gives us his explanation of the works as; 


‘A mask is suggested to confront the indignity and oppression suffered on a daily basis in an unjust society. A mask transforms your persona, conjures up a certain atmosphere, and has an immediate impact.


I've been fascinated by masks since my childhood. I find ethnographic cultures and rituals so interesting, anything that centres around bodies, faces and changed personas.'



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