PiECE are proud to be showcasing contemporary works by seven of their 'Current Artists', among the selected range of national and international galleries on display at London's Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, 20th -23rd October 2016.

With over 25 pieces of work available from PiECE and over 1,000 works in total on sale in the fair, you are sure to be inspired to find that perfect piece of art for your home, office, retail space, hotel or any interior.

Here is a taste of what PiECE has on show. 



Fine Art Photography


Jocelin Chews work focuses around deep topography. The practice explores the ways of looking at images, the visual culture of the aerial view as well as notions of abstraction. The emphasis is in raising questions with regards to the concept of 'place'.



Fine Art Digital Print



Klaidas Vaitkus's work explores  photography with digital manipulation.  The focus is his internalised darkness, both in it's physical and metaphorical sense.  He plays with colour to signify duality and to evoke movement within a static space.  An example of the print featured in the fair can be seen in this video featuring Gok Wan.







Broekhuizen's signature is his bold use of colour, inspired by his African background.  His most usual suspects are mysterious and intriguing semi-abstract portraits, that are many times provocative and suggest visceral emotions related with identity, beauty, masculinity and culture.





Nicholas Cheeseman's works investigates form through detailed embroidery, sculpture or pen drawings made entirely from carefully placed dots.  His processes challenge the integrity of the form being created or deconstructed.

In many of his fine dot drawings Cheeseman adds an extra dimension with a drawing withing a drawing. His depictions of classic renaissance paintings in the construction of his drawings echo an x-ray of the great masterpieces themselves, with a image lost within the layers of the works.




Fine Art Photography


Thornton's work has focused around people and the human form, with the emphasis on exploring the form through light and shape rather than realising a depiction of the model or sitter.



Fine Art Photography


New York artist Richard Laeton creates art works that blend and infuse conventional photography and painting with the power of the metaphysical.  Often inspired by naturally-occurring forms, contours and colors of the environment which he amplifies to resonate in the deeper consciousness of the viewer.





Grant Smith's love of the ocean and nomadic outdoor adventure influences his work and his constant urge to travel and tell stories through photography with his graphic, conceptual, cinematic identity that has his quirk.


We would love to see you and hope you enjoy the show.