'As The Waves Receded' - VIDEO of works created by Ian J Jackson from the aftermath of the Tōhoku Tsunami’.

On March 11 2011, an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 9 struck directly offshore and sent a tsunami smashing into the coastline of northeast Japan. Almost 16,000 people were killed and many more displaced. Artistic photographer Ian J Jackson visited the scene of the devastation soon after the tsunami hit.  Jackson felt compelled to record on camera what he witnessed. 

Click read more link below to view a video about the works. 

The Power of the Metaphysical

Richard Laeton, an Internationally recognized visionary artist, was born and raised in New York, and received his Graphic Design and Art training at Carnegie Mellon University and Parsons School of Design.  He creates art works that blend and infuse conventional photography and painting with the power of the metaphysical.

Artists in Situ

Art can be for collectors, however it's also for you and your interiors. Here you can view works in situ by five of our artists that all depict beauty in their own unique way

The works include Ceramic Sculpture, Digital Art, Drawing and Painting, and enable you to fully appreciate how these pieces have enhanced their respective interiors.

Photography for your Interiors


Photography has always had it's place in interior style and decor, and is a medium that is easy for most to digest.  If you are looking for a classic cinematic image or a modern clean graphic approach, we have such works from two photographers new to the PiECE collection.


Originating from Australia and Singapore their influences, differing moods and styles offer a variety of works to dress a multitude of modern interiors and we are pleased to add them to our portfolio of international artists.

PiECE at the Affordable Art Fair

PiECE are proud to be showcasing contemporary works by seven of our current Artists amongst the selected range of national and international galleries on display at London's Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, 20th -23rd October 2016.

Venice Biennale 2015

Venice, arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, that in reality both charms and delights beyond all knowing references or perceived expectations, and an international art forum showcasing one of the widest arrays of non permanent works in a singular exhibition anywhere around the world, what's not to love about this magical event.

The Venice Biannale is one of the most coveted global arts events, comprising of 80 countries and 70 national pavilions housing contemporary artists both past and present. Embracing the entire city of Venice the show comprises of exhibits in varying locations spanning the length and breadth of the city, it encourages you to embark on a enlightening magical mystery tour through palaces and gardens, on a treasure hunt of art and culture.