Richard Laeton's fine art photography work can be described as simple, elegant and austere with a masterful use of color.  Often inspired by naturally-occurring forms, contours and colors of the environment which Laeton amplifies to create large scale dynamic abstract pieces. 

Through his craft, he creates visual poetry that penetrates the surface to resonate in the deeper consciousness of the viewer.



Laeton has built a career on his versatility and experience as a graphic designer and illustrator with expertise in all phases of art direction and notable achievements in retail marketing solutions as well as fine-art inspired illustration. Culminating in his current abstract large scale images for the discernible residential or commercial interior.



The collection of works for sale here on PiECE are printed onto fine art paper, are available in multiple sizes to order and can be printed up to 160cm x 180cm or 160cm x160cm.

The prints are available unframed or with a selection of proposed frame options and colours. Click on the link below to see the full collection of works by Richard Laeton on PiECE and please contact us at for further information.




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