Art, fashion and interiors have always shared the same stage and South African born painter BJ Broekhuizen is a talent that straddles these disciplines. 

After graduating in menswear fashion design from the Cape Peninsula Univeristy of Technology in Cape Town, Broekenhuizen soon found himself in London where he held the prestigious position as head Visual Merchandiser for Menswear at Harvey Nichols. 

Since devoting himself to his painting in 2009 Broekenhuizen has been sold to many collectors worldwide, from Dubai, South Africa, Australia and Europe and we are delighted to have Broekenhuizen as part of the PiECE collection.

Broekhuizen's signature is his bold use of colour inspired by his African background. Working mostly in oil on canvas and indian ink on paper, his most usual suspects are mysterious and intriguing semi-abstract portraits.  His art is provocative, and suggests visceral emotions related with identity, beauty, masculinity and cultures.



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