Anna Kime

Contemporary ceramicist Anna Kime has produced a body of abstract sculpture that views objects that inspire feelings of safety or security.  On graduating in 2013, Kime was invited to exhibit her work at the British Ceramics Biennial, which showcases the best of the current crop of UK ceramics graduates.  

Since then Kime's work has taken inspiration from the natural world, in particular the tusk of the narwhal.  Kime has given IOB a series of inspirational images and early tests pieces, depicting her working process and introducing us to the delicate nature of her ceramics.

More works coming soon, contact us for details.

Hillsfest Art & Music Festival, Hillsborough Park, Sheffield 2016
Field To Feast Festival, Manor Oaks Studios, Sheffield 2015
Open Sheffield, Manor Oaks Studios, Sheffield 2015
In The Making, Bradford 2015
'The Send Off’ - Art & Poetry Resond to WWI, Sevenoaks, Kent 2014
Whatever Next, Mile End Art Pavilion, London 2013
British Cereamics Biennial | Fresh,  Stoke-on-Trent 2013
New Designers, Business Design Centre, London 2013
Ceramics Review 265 2014
Anna Kime ‘The Cobb Series’ (Book) 2013

Grid view

Anna Kime - 'Mantle' SOLD Anna Kime - 'Mantle'

English | 2013   Created by Anna Kime, an exciting young ceramicist based in Sheffield, Mantle is a contemporary piece that hangs as a yoke or torque featuring a beautiful mottled surface of blistered clay.   Height 38cm  x  Width 37.5cm  x  Depth 10.5cm

Anna Kime - 'Narwhal' SOLD Anna Kime - 'Narwhal'

English | 2014   A bespoke piece by the Sheffield based ceramist, Anna Kime, this was created after studying the twist of an antique narwhal tusk.   Height 29cm  x  Width 21.5cm  x  Depth 7cm