David Masters Townsend

David Masters Townsend was born in New Zealand in 1974 and studied painting and time-based media at the Elam school of fine arts, graduating in 1998.  Living in London since 2001 he has exhibited extensively throughout Australasia, the U.K. and Europe. 

Townsend produces medium to large scale figurative paintings that focus on figures in a constant mutable state of creation, erosion and flux - with physical boundaries that are blurred, fractured and transitional.

The expressive monochromatic canvases in oil and enamel have a viscerally physical presence.  The impenetrable high gloss surface of the canvas is like a literal black mirror, reflecting the unknowable, dehumanised subject, reduced to the pose or the mask.  Imagery is deliberately objectified yet hinting at inner states of anxiety and crisis, with figures both exposed and disguised, intimate yet distanced, inspired by ideas of the divided self. 

WARNING - Artists work contains adult content that some viewers may find offensive.