Ian J Jackson

Born in Hull, England, in 1966, Ian J Jackson graduated from London College of Printing, then at St Martins School of Art in 1992, where he began to develop a unique extraverted photographic style – underpinned by his exceptional talent for transforming the everyday mundane into the unique combined with a skill for innovative image manipulation. More recently, he’s turned his attention to ‘human condition’ photography, inspired by his travels abroad and his interest in photography as a visual metaphor of the complexities and contradictions of living in so called ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ economies.

Jackson has drawn sponsorship from Polaroid, Creative Review,, Dazed and Confused, Saatchi and Saatchi, and Adobe.  Other commercial clients have included Nike, Adidas, Viacom TV, BBC, Royal Opera House, Guinness Group, Shell Oil, BP, Marathon Oil, Swatch Watches. 

The work selected here is a series called ‘As The Waves Receded', consisting of 7 images from the Tōhoku Tsunami’.  On March 11 2011, an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 9 struck directly offshore and sent a tsunami smashing into the coastline of northeast Japan.  Almost 16,000 people were killed and many more displaced.  Jackson visited the scene of the devastation soon after the tsunami hit. Of the hundreds of pictures he took, Jackson picked just seven that especially resonated but out of respect, for five years since Jackson did not show what he recorded from the disaster in Japan. 

Click here to see a video Jackson in his studio creating this series of work.